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Monarch - Account List - Manager Access (reassign and export)

As a Sales Manager, you need to easily be able to see the Accounts assigned to your team and manage those lists through easy visibility and reassignment functions.

The Account List in Monarch is how you handle all of that and more!

Access the Account List from the Navigation Panel under Lists on the left-hand side of your screen:

Visibility & Exporting Accounts

You have the ability to see an account’s associated Salesperson, Priority, Type, Last Billed Date, Outlet, Office, Agency, Last Billed and Creation Date of the account if the information is available.

To see the Outlet, Office and Agency data, click the + sign preceding the account name that you wish to view. 

Sorting - As you review the Account List, keep in mind that you can sort the results by any of the available columns (Pro-tip: sort by the Last Billed column to see accounts that haven't, or have, bought with you recently).

Filtering - When you need to narrow down your view to a specific segment of accounts click the  icon next to Accounts to access the filter options:

Select the primary attributes on the left of the pop-up to then uncheck the individual items on the right that you'd like to exclude from your view.  The most common use is to filter by Salesperson while you're working on a single individual's list.

Exporting - To download your List to Excel, select the Export icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. In Excel, you are able to print the list and do other functions native to that application.

Note: An inactive salesperson will appear with a strike through their name.

Reassigning Accounts

To assigning an account and its history to your salespeople follow the following steps:

1. Select the Account(s) that you wish to reassign.  You can select as many as you'd like as long as they're going to the same Account Executive. 

2. Next, click Mass Actions and select Reassign Accounts.

3. The following popup will then allow you to assign the selected accounts to a new Account Executive, while also offering the ability to schedule the assignment in the future or reassign the history to a different office.

Once you save your reassignments the new Account Executive will instantly have access to the data/history associated with that account.

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