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Monarch - Activity Analysis Dashboard

The Activity Analysis Dashboard provides you with insight and visibility into the activities that are being logged within Matrix. This will provide Managers with easy-to-read analytics regarding what their team is up to, and allow a salesperson a simple interface to view a breakdown of their activities.

You access the Activity Analysis Dashboard via Reports – Dashboards tab.  This dashboard offers a quick view of the top Account Executives with the most Activities, the # of Activities by Day, and the detailed listing of this information.

  1. Time-frame - defaults to the current month, but can be easily modified:

  2. Grouping - how to group the data in the dashboard
    • Show By:  Individual Salesperson, or Salesperson Group.
    • Activity:  Group by the Activity Group Name (Parent) or by the Activity Subtype Name (Child).
  3. Top 5 Most Active - The graph will list the top 5 Account Executives (or Account Executive Groups) with the most activities within the select time-frame.
  4. Activities by Day - The stacked bar graph that illustrates the # of activities on a given day of the week.  This will quickly illustrate what day Account Executives are most active.
  5. List Details - The list will show the Activity Type selected above, as Columns.
  6. Export Raw Data - This will send the above report details to a CSV file (as shown below). The export also includes additional data points by providing both the Advertiser and Agency associated with the activities.

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