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Monarch - Pipeline Analysis Dashboard - Overview

Successfully utilizing the forecasting tools in Matrix offer Account Executives the ability to frame a sales plan for their accounts as they look to hit their budget, and in doing so, they provide managers specific insights into their team’s sales funnel. 

The Pipeline Analysis Dashboard allows both Account Executivesand Managers the ability to take holistic, as well as broken-out, view of what opportunities are currently on the table and where they stand.

  1. Time Frame Selection - allows to select the Start Date and the Number of Months
  2. Pending Type Selection - allows to select the Unweighted or Weighted pending
  3. Filters - allows you to filter different Outlets, Offices, or any other field
  4. Sales Stages bar graph – This is showing what Pending and/or Proposed dollars are entered for certain Sales Stages. Hovering over the bars in the graph will show you the specific dollar amounts.
  5. Forecast / Budget Analysis bar graph – This graph shows the comparison of Booked dollars, Forecast, Pipeline Forecast (Pending + Proposed dollars) and the budget.
  6. Table by Market, Outlet, Offices, or Salespeople – This shows the information in the graphs above, but a more in-depth look and broken down into individual columns. Among the columns in the table are:
    • Hierarchy Items
    • Booked
    • Proposed
    • Pending
    • Pipeline
    • Budget
    • Forecast
    • Pipeline Forecast
    • Booked to Budget %
    • Forecast to Budget %
    • Booked to Forecast %
  7. Export - If you’d like to view this data outside of Matrix you can either click the Export button on the bottom left of the page to download a PDF copy of what you are viewing.
  8. Export Raw Data - you have an option to Export the Raw Data on the bottom left of your screen that downloads the data points to an Excel spreadsheet that you can view and manipulate as needed.
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