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Monarch - Requesting an Account (Customized)

Rerouting Functionality – Account Request goes directly to the Outlet Manager(s)

In the below example, *House owns “18 Seaboard” but now this AE wants to claim it on a new Outlet.

Click the link “18 Seaboard” to go to the Account Profile page.

Select the Request Outlets tab.

You will see a list of Outlets, Salesperson, Account Stage, Last Billed, Last/Next Activity and Priority.

Note : “Unclaimed” are Outlets that have never Billed and is not currently a prospect. In this example, WAAA - Digital is selected.

After the selection, select Send. This will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for this particular Outlet.

Note: If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, they will both get an email notification of the Account Request. Once any of the managers Approve or Deny the request, it will be removed from (All) the Managers list of “Accounts Requested to be Reassigned”.

To see the Accounts that you have submitted that have yet to Approved or denied by your Manager, select “PROSPECTING” on the left in the Navigation Panel.

Note: If you are interested in Activating this feature, please contact your Success Manager for more information.

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