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Monarch - How to Reassign Accounts - Manager Access

Reassigning Accounts is even simpler with Monarch!. Please follow the step by step instructions listed below:

1- From your Home page click on Accounts under your LISTS section

2- Search, locate the Account you are trying to reassign.

3- Add a check mark next to it (on the left) and click on the Mass Actions button.

4-Select Reassign Accounts

5- Under To This Salesperson's box, use the search bar to locate the new Salesperson who should take over the Account.

Note: If you want to reassign the accounts on a specific date, please see the note at the bottom of this article, otherwise please continue to step 6.

6- Click on the Salesperson's name (make sure his/her name highlights as shown in the picture below)

7- Click on the Save button

8- The system will bring you back to your Account list displaying a green box stating a successful reassignment.

Note: All reassignments should display the new Salesperson's name as the owner of the Account automatically.

NOTE: If you want to reassign the Accounts on a specific date, choose to Reassign on, add the date that you would like the reassignment to take place, choose the Salesperson, select Save.

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