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Monarch - Submitting Lead Accounts (Customized)

Submit a Lead Account for Approval

Before you can submit a Lead Account for approval (to your manager), the account must contain:
>An address for the Account.
>At least one Account Contact.
>At least one Activity (which can be Incomplete or Completed).

In the below example, Ben Johnson created "Lead Account" for "CBC Digital" and "WRAL" and has completed filling out the Address, Activity and Contact information.

The Request Tab is selected which displays, Outlet, AE, Advertiser Stage, Last Billed, Last/Next Activity and Priority.

You will notice that the 2 Stations that Ben selected are listed on the left under Stations, Ben is listed as the AE and the Advertiser Stage is a Lead.

The other Stations that Ben (or any AE)  is not working are shown as "Unclaimed".

After the selection, select “Send”. This will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for this particular Outlet.

NOTE- If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, they will both get an email notification of the Account Request. 

After the submission, notice that the check boxes are no longer available and the Stage has been updated.

Once the Manager approves the Lead, you will not see the Outlet under the Request tab any longer.

On the Account List page, in the below example, notice that CBC Digital was approved and is now listed as a Prospect.

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