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Monarch - How Do I Set Up My Own CSS Report? (Customized)

How do I set up my own CSS reports?

Setup lists in List Builder and apply the lists to various reports.   ***Note, you should create three separate lists. 

  • Click on List Builder in the blue navigation panel
  • Click on the + Add New button at the top of your list builder landing page
  • Click on the Next button at the wizard to proceed
  • Click on the Accounts radio button and click Next
  • Configuring your list criteria - Use the following criteria

CSS Target Drive Qtr. - DIGAS 
Office: Local and
Tag: CSS and
Rev Type: DIGAS New - Local 

CSS Target Drive Qtr. 2021 - Core Digital
Office: Local and
Tag: CSS and 
Rev Type: Digital New - Local 

CSS Target Drive Qtr. 2021 - NLD TV
Office: Local and
Tag: CSS and
Rev Types: Pd Prog New – Local, Spot Direct New - Local  

  • Choose the columns and the order on the Choosing Report List Fields.  ***Note in most instances you just need Account. Click Next to Proceed.
  • Review and Save – Give the list a unique name and description.  Click Save.
  • To Run a Report again the List
  1. Click Reports
  2. Chose the desire report such as the Multi-Year- Sales-History
  3. Select the Hierarchy and Time Frame
  4. Click on the Filters Tab
  5. Click on the Filter Using Custom Account List
  6. Click in the drop-down box to select the appropriate list
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