Matrix for Media

Notes for July 19, 2017


  • A new data card has been enabled for the Account Profile called "Get Me Info. Stat!" which allows you to quickly research your accounts with popular sites like Indeed, DataFox, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, and more! It's a one stop shop for learning about your accounts. If you'd like to give it a try, simply change an existing data card to this new one and start clicking for info! Stat! We do plan on giving you more space for data cards in the near future, but we simply couldn't resist providing you with delicious data like this!

  • A new alert has been added that allows you to find the accounts that are spending on a specific revenue type, but aren't buying other revenue types. The Account Spending Not Spending by RevType is very similar to the Spending Not Spending alert that we created a while back for Outlets. After receiving feedback, we learned that we could expand the value significantly by adding a Revenue Type variant. TIP: Try to keep your selections to less than 6 total revenue types. The focus on this alert is meant for smaller comparisons and will become hard to read/analyze with more data.

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