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Notes for March 29, 2018


Wide Orbit Preemptions Integration

Every morning, salespeople in broadcast walk into the office with one goal in mind. Sell something. Unfortunately they’re often hit with a form of Where's Waldo that nobody wants to play at 8am! It’s not uncommon that the first thing a salesperson does after getting their morning coffee is to review the traffic logs from the previous day in order to see if any of their customers’ ads were preempted. This causes adjustments to the morning plans and could even delay cold calling or visiting customers about new opportunities! But…you have to tie up loose ends, right?! If only someone could just tell you where Waldo was so that you could go about your day more efficiently. 


Matrix aims to end the hunt by providing salespeople with unresolved preemptions in the form of a new alert. You will know who you have yet to satisfy with our new alert and then decide how you wish to proceed. Give them a call? Move the spot to the next opening in traffic? The choice is yours, but rest assured you will not have to leave your desk or pick up the phone in order to call the traffic manager for a translation of last night's log.


We also know that you do not want to waste time in creating new deals for these spots. Most of the time they’re still going to run, they just need to be placed and approved! New options on the Sales Outlook, Forecast, and Pacing Reports will allow you to include Preemptions as part of your forecast through a simple checkbox option. This saves salespeople time in not having to duplicate work, as they see it, and allows managers to always have the most accurate forecast numbers at the highest levels!


Speaking of forecasts, we know that it’s probably not realistic to get every preemption fulfilled so when including Preemptions as a part of your forecast (Booked + Pending + Preemptions = Forecast) you’ll also be able to specify the percentage of preemptions to include from commonly used calculations that help to speed up the process. For example, March is almost over. You probably aren’t going to get much more into this month, so perhaps you’ll only want to include 25% of the preempted value into your forecast for this month.

Other Important Updates

  • Outlet and Revenue Type dropdowns on deals will now display the full name of the item that you are selecting in the case of longer named values.

  • Additional back end stabilization for our Office 365 integration so that Matrix Activities and Office 365 Events are better synchronized. 

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