Matrix for Media

Notes for May 31, 2018


  • Corrected an issue that would prevent some Spanish characters from being used in email addresses.
  • Improved the display of column headers on Account and User lists as well as the Account Profile for the Spanish language.
  • You can once again navigate to deals from various data cards and pods (Like Biggest Pending Deals on the Performance page) throughout Monarch. 
  • Shared Access Salespeople (a security role that that allows salespeople that help move a sale forward on any account regardless if it is owned by another salesperson) can once again create prospect Agencies. 

Everyone - Mobile

  • Activities can be added from the Agency Profile in Matrix Mobile without encountering an error.
  • The Save and Cancel buttons will continue to display in Matrix Mobile when adding a new prospect without the need change screen orientation. Please note this was only a known issue for Chrome on Android devices.

Everyone - Desktop

  • Deal preferences that are saved with the same outlet, but different  revenue types, will now display the correct commission percentage on the  deal.
  • Drilling into the Inactive Report will no longer display a blank report.
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