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Notes for September 27, 2018


  • Previously if you did not change a filter, such as the Revenue Types on the Sales Outlook, and then a new Revenue Type were to be created, the "ALL" filter would not pick that new Revenue Type up. We have corrected this issue and now any time "ALL" is selected you can be assured that all values are being included. This was never an issue in Reports and only impacted pods like the Sales Outlook where filters were saved off.
  • Some Salesperson Profiles had the possibility of logging managers out when they tried to navigate to them. We have corrected this and will now block content on the page if your security partition is not setup to see the data while providing access to the rest.
  • Lead Approving Managers that are viewing a Salesperson Profile will now see a message at the top of the profile when outstanding leads need to be approved. This is designed to aid in your one on one's with salespeople and not meant to be the location you navigate to in order to check for leads to be approved. That will still be the Data Card on the Home page.




  • Corrected an issue that would not update historical Activity Types after a name change.
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