Matrix for Media

Notes for February 28, 2019


  • A new Alert has been created, Accounts Without Future Billing, that will help you to identify the accounts that stop spending with you in the next 30, 60, or 90 days. The goal is to give you a heads up to extend those sales without a lapse in billing.
  • We have added a new report that will allow you to view how New Business (as calculated by the New Business definition) compares to New Business entered into budgets. Note that this assumes that you are utilizing the built in functionality for budgeting for New Business (as opposed to other solutions such as a New Business revenue type from a traffic/billing system). The New Business Comparison Report can be found on the Revenue tab of Reports.
  • Deals can only be edited if they are in an Open-Pending or Open-Proposed status. When a deal is closed, you can no longer modify the dollars. You can, however, update notes and activities. In order to edit the dollars, sales stage, office, etc simply set the status back to Open-Pending. We rely on status changes to trigger events and workflows both through the user interface and behind the scenes so this was a necessary change.
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