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Notes for January 17, 2020


  • Projects and Events have made their way to Monarch after healthy usage research and interviews, a full redesign from the ground up, and a successful beta period with amazing feedback! Check them out from the Projects menu on the left navigation in order to get started!
    • Understand where you stand toward yearly goals with your current projects, who big spenders are, and what are the most profitable events that you participate in.
    • View your projects by year or market in which they are for. Focus your efforts on current or past projects in a self filtering report-like landing page designed to streamline usage without forcing you to run separate reports in order to obtain high level project stats.
    • We have introduced a totally new feature into Projects this time with Inventory! Customize the inventory that you have in Projects from banners to booths to hourly sponsorships and everything in between. If you want to sell a limited quantity commodity then this is for you! Completed with the ability to set a suggested price and real time views into what has been sold or how much inventory is currently being pitched from the total. 
    • We've made it easier than ever to show if projects are being sold fast, early or if salespeople are not pitching them until the last minute as well as who your top salespeople are for any given project all at a glance.
    • Adding Accounts to a project has never been easier. You can manually add any Accounts that you are already working with that you think might be interested in participating or you can take advantage of our first release of artificial intelligence and machine learning with our suggested Accounts! We learn what makes for a good buyer of a project based upon some new criteria that you fill out on a project (Expected Attendance, Location, and general classification) and suggest accounts for your to pitch it to. If you add those accounts we will learn more for the next time and be able to suggest even better recommendations based upon previous experiences with buying or declining what you pitch so don't be afraid to try this out! It will only get smarter with time!
    • We have removed the direct tie to deals that the old Projects module had. Instead you just add your pitch directly to the project and if a manager needs to see those dollars on reports rolled up into the forecast then you simply select that option while reporting (or on the Sales Outlook!). No more double entry for salespeople while still solving the reporting needs!
    • Project Profile pages are you one stop shop for everything about a specific project and it wouldn't be complete without viewing the Activities and Matrix Locker files used to hype and entice potential buyers. Track the effort that it takes to sell a project as well as enabling a convenient location from which to create your activities in a place that will fill out a lot of the info for you automatically.
    • Last but not least we offer a Changelog designed to show you every action taken on the project. From the day it was created to the first pitch to the last activity. Every action will be tracked in chronological order so that you can quickly reference daily change or help our support team troubleshoot during a quick call.

We're not done with Projects! You can expect major enhancements to how we reconcile and set the status to Sold on a pitch (especially for Wide Orbit customers), new classifications on the project to enhance the AI elements, and general feedback changes as we continue to improve this experience. We're extremely proud of this solution and we hope that you find as much enjoyment and value in it as we have had building it.

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