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Notes for October 28, 2020


Rolling Dates on Reports

Have you ever created a report and set it as a favorite only to find the next time you ran it the data was for 2 months ago and you had to modify the time frame again? You likely created the report with a "Specific Months" option. The months that you set were locked in place for each future run of the report…until now!

  • When using specific months, as opposed to relative dates like “This Month”, we will roll the months at the beginning of each new month. This means if you created a report in October with the specific date time frame of November, then when November 1 comes around the report will roll to December.
  • It means when you create a specific time frame of this month + the next 3 months that when next month rolls around, we'll drop off the oldest month and add on the next new month
  • It means when using specific dates on reports like the Pacing report for the Change Since and Pacing Date that we'll roll those around by 1 day, every day so you can truly set a change since two weeks ago if you desire.
  • All of this is controlled when you elect to save a report as a favorite set the respective options to roll the time frame and/or date.   
  • Even fields from our Build Your Own Reporting experience have been updated to provide rolling options on a per field basis. Those reports, however, have not been set to automatically roll so you may wish to also revisit some of the reports that you have built in the past and update them if necessary.

We are thrilled to bring you this latest enhancement to the reporting engine right now because we know end of year reporting is coming up and you'll either be pulling out old favorites or creating new so the timing couldn't be better for delivering this to you!

Tag Maintenance

  • Do you suffer from multiple Tags (Contact or Account) that are misspelled but are actually the same tag?
  • Do you wish you could rename a tag for any reason?
  • Do you need a tag to simply disappear like it never existed in the first place?   

Well worry no more because Tag Maintenance is here for you. Any Administrator can now handle these needs without escalating to our fantastic Support and Success teams! Of course some of our customers utilize our teams for this type of work and it just means your requests should be handled much faster.  We can't wait for your reports to become more accurate almost overnight with Tag Maintenance!

Other Updates

  • In rare circumstances, projects were reporting pitched amounts under N/A values related to Unit Codes.
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