Matrix for Media

Notes for February 23, 2022


With this release, we are introducing new, enhanced versions of a few reports with all new filters and visual representations of their data, along with a new way to enter the filter criteria.

  • New Business Continuation - This report is designed to allow you to view new business effective as of a specific start date, and to determine the continuity of business revenue.
  • Account Adoption - This report is designed to provide a more holistic approach to revenue adoption across all new business. This report was previously part of the New Business Continuation Report, but has been split out for clarity.
  • Sales Coverage Analysis - This report is designed to view where accounts are and are not spending to help identify new opportunities for growth or upsell within existing accounts.
  • Pipeline Analysis - This report is designed to help you understand your pipeline by sales stage and compare your booked and pending revenue to budget. The report can be viewed by weighted or unweighted revenue.
  • Activity Analysis - This report is designed to help you review activities by salespeople or salespeople groups to understand who is the most active, when they’re active, and to see how sales teams are doing.
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