Matrix for Media

Notes for June 15, 2022


  • Corrected an issue where some values on the Activity were not copying over the new activity when Schedule a Follow-up was being used.
  • Emails sent to Monarch that create an activity will no longer have their start time set to 12am. You should find the time fields to be blank.
  • Reassignments on the Agency List and Account List will show a checkmark after the reassignment has completed so that you can better understand which rows you have already touched. Note that the Account List is taking some time to display the icon and we are working on performance for that and will be announced again in a future release.
  • Expanding the row of a recently reassigned account or agency will show the expected rows instead of displaying blank with a loading message.
  • Salespeople should no longer display in filters unless they have an Account assigned to them.
  • Lead Accounts will once again show up in the Account field on activities when searching
  • Leads can be submitted for approval with an Agency contact instead of just with a contact from the lead itself.
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