Matrix for Media

Notes for December 14, 2022


  • Did you know some of our customers have up to 80% of the agencies in their sites representing Direct business?! That's 80% extra scrolling, thinking on reports, and general wear and tear around Agencies that you might not need to actually think about. What if we could automate merging these obviously direct agencies into a single "Direct" agency for you without any effort on your part? Good news…we can now do that!
    • If you have agencies where the Advertiser and Agency name match, this often indicates a direct agency is in play and we can recognize that for automation
    • If you use codes or wording to note an Agency is direct such as "(D)", "- DIR",  "- D" or any other systematic reference we can recognize that for automation too
    • Contact your Success Manager today if this sounds beneficial to you and we will talk through the best setup for you to get the most out of this feature and keep your sales teams performing at their best.
  • The Recently Booked data cards for Outlet and Revenue Type will now group values by Outlets and Revenue types in order to make it easier to read as well as load significantly faster with pagination.

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