Matrix for Media

Notes for February 16, 2023


  • The Deals page would not retain the time frame selection for some users. This has now been addressed to remember your last used selection.
  • The Activity Report was counting a new activity for a salesperson for every Outlet on the Activity. The Activities will now only be counted per Activity ID so that extra activities are not counted in the subtotal/total values.
  • The Agency Profile Summary page (typically accessed by a manager after performing a global search) will now load significantly faster on Agencies with multiple salespeople and account relationships due to the addition of pagination.
  • The Win Rate subtotals on Sales Productivity was showing an incorrect value if Use Salesperson Group was selected, though the Grand Total was always correct. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected an issue where Accounts could be assigned to a user outside of their security partition. Now, if a manager tries to reassign in this scenario they will be prompted some outlets are not available to the recipient and can be easily removed from the reassignment dialog.

Account Growth is getting some significant upgrades and the first of those are now delivered! Contact your Success Manager for more information about this feature that allows you to plan how to handle your Accounts each quarter!

  • Account Growth can now be compared to another quarter other than the same quarter last year. For example, if you wanted to compare Q1 2023 to Q4 2022 you can now do this as it provides the option for a rolling previous 3 years and next 1 year for comparison.
  • Account Growth filters for Media Type, Salesperson, and Outlet have been moved to the respective header columns. They've been enhanced to include Select All/None and search functionality. Additionally, an Account search has been added for that column.
  • When saving the Account Growth Analysis or the Account Growth Reports as favorites you will now have an option to automatically roll the dates forward if a custom time frame was used. Relative time frames (such as "this year") remain unchanged and always rolled forward.
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