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Notes for May 6, 2023


  • Managers can now see how many reassignments are currently queued up on the Account List via the Reassignments Pending label in the top right. This will only display if there are reassignments pending. 
  • Corrected an issue preventing reassignments from occurring when the Account List was filtered by Priority.
  • The Market Project Report has changed the way it calculates which project dollars will show. Previously, the report was looking for Project dollars like "Show me the full project amount for any project with at least 1 day in the time frame selected."  This caused confusion for users that expected to only see project dollars within the time frame selected, not the full project. The report has been changed to now only show the project dollars in the time frame selected. If I choose May 2023, for example, then it will only show the dollars that are Pitched, Sold, or Declined in May 2023 even if a project runs April - June 2023 and will no longer show April or June's values. The report has also been updated to use our standard time frame controls like other reports to further enforce this change.
  • Corrected an issue where you could create multiple favorite reports if you clicked the save button more than once
  • You can once again navigate to the Account Profile from the Contact List
  • When viewing the Last Imported Date information, the Revenue Updated Date for the preemptions integration will now update if there is a revenue change without new rows being added. Previously this would only update if new rows were added.
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