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Notes for August 12, 2020


  • Deals can now be cloned from the Deal Profile pages, making it much easier to create those quarterly and monthly deals that more accurately reflect how you do business instead of relying on a single deal for the entire year that trickles in revenue over time. Get those deals closed and recognized faster!
  • When Creating or editing a project, the manager can select more than 1 Office to be available while pitching the project. At face value, this allows for better interaction between Local and National teams to sell projects! Because the Office was moved from the Project to the Pitch, the salesperson making the Pitch will be required to select the pre-designated Office for that row on the pitch.
  • Media groups providing Monarch with a way to recognize a traditional spot dollar vs a project dollar for reconciliation (for example: Unit Codes) will find that their reconciled pitches on Projects will be frozen in a Sold state on the Pitch. If the imported amount was less than the pitched amount, then a new pitched row will be created with the difference. This new row can be interacted with like any other pitched dollar row.
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