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Notes for September 21, 2022


  • A Days Since Last Login metric can now displays on the Sales Productivity for Managers. Check with your Success Manager if this sounds like something your organization needs to know!
  • Agencies can now be classified by Agency Types beyond Holding Company and still roll up into the Holding Company. Examples are: Digital Media, PR, Production Services, and even Direct. Once classified, you can view a snippet of information about their booked, pending, and pacing from the Agency Profile with a type-specific icon to the left of the Agency's name. Note that Direct will not roll up into a Holdco, but we have even bigger plans for Direct in the near future! Stay tuned…
  • The Spending Not Spending Alerts will now offer a way to find Accounts not spending for 3 or 6 months as well as a way to define if those accounts did not spend in any or all of those months
  • Deals created from Project Pitches will no longer create deal rows for Sold or Declined rows on the pitch.
  • Setting a Pitch to SOLD or DECLINED from a Project Pitch will zero out the corresponding deal detail row for that row while leaving any other pending values untouched.
  • Accessing the Account or Agency profile from the relationships section of a related Account or Agency profile will take you to the impersonated view.
  • All Agency relationships that you have access to for an Account will now display when viewing the Account Profile on the ALL view as a manager.
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