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Monarch - Contact Profile Overview

Your one stop shop for understanding what you've done, are doing, and plan to do with a contact. Often referred to as the buyer, the contact is the person that you interact with in order to move a deal forward or communicate the campaign results to on a regular basis. Our Contact Profile shows you this information and lets you plan for the future with a few simple click so let’s get more familiar with the page.  

The Header

Every Contact Profile starts off with basic contact information visible from any subsection. This makes it incredibly easy to reach out to the person whether it’s via phone, email or social media.

  • The Name, Title, and Company appear together. If any one of those pieces is missing, it will simply be omitted.
    1. The Company is a link to its own profile page, be it Account or Agency, and will have a familiar look to the Contact Profile but for the entire company.
  • The Contact can be edited via the edit pencil button where you can fill out name, address, and other critical information about this person.
  •  Download the contact to .VCF VCARD file format for easy one off importing into another system such as Outlook
  •  The primary phone number will display front and center. If you have a soft phone connected and configured you might even be able to make calls directly from your Contact Profile.
  •  Send an email from your default mail client. Additionally, we will BCC the Matrix Unique Email Address used to convert emails to Activities in Matrix. Your contacts won’t know this happened since it is BCC’d, and you won’t have to do double entry to log another activity.
  •  If you know the social media or website URL for this contact, be sure to include that when creating or editing your contact. Any links filled in will display clickable while others will rename disabled.
  • The address displays if you have added it and the map pin is also clickable to show the position on a map.
  • The last area is how you will navigate through the Contact Profile page across each subsection.


Activities are those calls, meetings, emails, and other tasks that you perform in order to move any given sale forward or maintain the relationship with a person or business. You can see all of the Activities performed with this specific contact here. It’s broken down into effective Upcoming and Recent views

  • Every Activity is displayed by the subject as well as when it should occur. In this example we have an Email Activity for Pre-Season Football to go out on 12/16/2020 to John at Thermal Windows.
    1. Clicking into the subject will take you to the Activity Profile Page where you can view the full details of the activity
  • You can complete any incomplete activity from here, or by virtue of time, the Activity will naturally move to the Recent list as the Upcoming list only shows future activities.
  • Additionally, you can delete an activity if it will no longer happen in any shape or form. We discourage you from doing this when your outcome is to actually reschedule or change the type from an Email to a Meeting for example. Deleting is best used when no future next steps are available to you at this moment in time, and is rarely a good action for completed activities.
  • When this icon displays next to an Activity it means the activity was completed by the user.


Deals are how you show how much you intend to get from future business with this particular Contact. Only deals which this contact is attached to will display on their Contact Profile page, even though there may be more revenue from the company that they work for.  They are split into Open Deals and Closed Deals.

  • The Name of your deal will be a link to get more details about the deal itself. Additionally, the Time frame, Estimated Close Date, last Update Date, and the Pending amount (if any) will display in order to help differentiate each deal from one another.
  • Every Open Deal can be won or lost. That simply means the buyer accepted your pitch, even if it was on the 1st version or has been modified a hundred times, or you couldn’t come to an agreement and ended up walking away (but you’ll get them next time!)
  • Additionally, every deal can be deleted, but we highly discourage you from doing this as opposed to winning or, more likely, losing the deal. Lost deals do give insight into previous attempts that you and others can learn from in the future.

Matrix Locker

Files that you have affiliated with a contact, such as a contract, promo, or attachments from an email will display in Matrix Locker for you to review later. 

  •  You can add new files via the add button. You will need to locate the file and then optionally add a folder and additional affiliations (Accounts, Activities, Agencies, Contacts, or Deals)
  •  Files can be deleted. This is a permanent action, and the file cannot be recovered.
  • Displays the name of the file along with its corresponding extension which acts as a link for your to download the file again for future reference.
  • Location lets you know which folder this file has been stored within My Files 
  • Size correspond to the file size and should give you an indicator on how long it may take to download this file
  • File Owner is the person that currently owns this file. It may be the same person that currently owns the contact or it may be a different person depending on who has access to the contact, previous account reassignments, and who has uploaded files in the past.
  • Uploaded is the date that the file was originally saved in Matrix Locker


Anything you have to say about a contact that isn’t exactly covered with an Activity, Deal, or basic contact information would be considered a note. We’ve seen many ways of using this from making detailed statements for managers to view about the current state of a contact to noting trivia about the customer to even how to pronounce their name or the company’s name! You’re free to make what you wish with notes, and we’ll let you know who said it and when it was said.

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