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Monarch - Editing a Contact

We all know that Contacts change, and you need to easily be able to update your data within Matrix to ensure you have the most up-to-date info at your fingertips.

Edit a Contact from the Contact Profile Page

Searching and accessing the Contact Profile page for your Contacts couldn't be easier when using the search bar at the top of your screen.  Start typing the person's name, and then click their name from the dropdown that appears.

Once you're viewing the Profile Page edit the address/phone/social/etc details by clicking the pencil icon beside the Contacts name.

The following window will then appear which will allow you to update/edit any of that information.

NOTE: You can change the who the Contact is associated with here. So for example, currently this Contact is associated with ABC Company (In the Company Field below). Simply remove them and add the new "Company Name".

Edit a contact from the Account Profile Page

You can also edit your Contacts while looking at the Account Profile Pages that they are associated with.

Once your view a particular Account Profile Page (we recommend getting there from the top search bar) you can view your Contacts from the below toggle. From there, hover over the Contact you wish to edit, click the gear that appears, and select "Edit".

The same edit pop-up we showed earlier will appear where you can adjust/save any changes.

Edit a contact from the Contacts List

If you'd like to edit several contacts all at once, the Contacts List will allow you to easily touch multiple Contacts at once.

Go to the LISTS menu bar, and select Contacts.  Once the list displays, hover over the Contact you want to view, click on the gear icon that appears on the far right, and select "Edit".

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