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Monarch - List Builder Mass Actions Overview

Utilize List Builder, under the Lists menu, to take action on accounts and contacts that are returned in the list.  Often times you need to send follow-up emails to advertisers for a specific campaign or add an activity to accounts or contacts that you are managing through a list.  List Builder Mass Actions give you these capabilities, as well as mapping accounts and contacts and tagging accounts and contacts. 

When you want to take action from a list of accounts or contacts, find the accounts or contacts that you want to take action on. You can select just a few, or you can select all.

Screen shot of Mass Actions from a Contact's List.

Screen shot of Mass Actions from an Account's List.

1.  Select Accounts or Contacts 

  • Select the desired items in your list by checking the box to the left of the account or contact.  You can select as many items as you would like. 
  • You can also select the select all box at the top of your list to select all accounts or contacts returned to the list.

2.  Click Mass Actions  

  • To take action on your list results, you must have at least one account or contact selected.  There are 2 sets of mass actions, one for account lists, and one for contact lists. (Screen Shots Above)
  • Select Mass Actions to act on the Contacts/Accounts you selected from your list.

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