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Monarch - Lists Builders - Adding or Editing a List

When you want to add a list, open List Builder from the Navigation Panel under Lists on the left-hand side of your screen. Click on the '+' Add New button at the top of your list builder landing page and then start on Summary A. When you want to edit a list, click on the Edit option from the row/list that you wish to edit and start on Summary B.

Summary AWhen you add a new list, the first screen that you will see will outline your experience. It’s a simple summary letting you know each of the steps that you’re about to take. Click Next to proceed.

Summary B: When you edit an existing list, the first screen that you will see is a summary screen letting you know what is already configured. This is helpful so that you do not need to navigate through each step in order to determine if a particular criterion is a setup or a column is displayed on the results. Click Next to proceed.

Step 1: 

Picking a List to build - The first step in creating your list is to pick which kind of list you want to build. Are you looking for a listing of accounts or a listing of Contacts? This is the basic setup for your criteria that we will cover in Step 2, but for now, you’ll need to pick Account or Contact and click Next.

Step 2: 

Configuring Your List Criteria - Here you have the opportunity to pick from multiple fields in order to get just the right combination of results returned. In the below example, I have started a Contact List and have it configured to find Contacts that are affiliated with Prospect Accounts that are also in the city of Pittsburgh.

1.  Pick a filter item - You can select many different ways of narrowing your Accounts and Contacts. Simply select one that you want (ex: State) and Matrix will allow you to set up a filter for it.
2.  Filter on selected item - You can select 1 or more items to match on when looking for results. For example, If you selected State as your filter item then you could then select "Pennsylvania". This may be a drop-down or search box depending on the filters chosen. Note that search boxes allow for multiple items to be chosen whereas a drop-down will require another logical operator to get the same results.
3.  In Parenthesis AND/OR -  You’ll notice (parentheses) around your statements as you build them. Matrix utilizes the logical order of operations when building your lists. You’ll want to use AND whenever you need everything to be true like “Show me the Prospects AND in Pittsburgh”.  You’ll want to use OR whenever you could have multiple conditions being true like “Show me the Prospect OR Leads AND in Pittsburgh”.
4.  Between Parenthesis AND/OR - This is far less common, but extremely useful when needed. You would use AND/OR between a set of parentheses when you need to find multiple conditions of truth. For example, I want to find my (Auto Dealer AND Pennsylvania Accounts) OR (Auto Dealer AND Ohio Accounts). This would return any auto dealers that are in either Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Step 3: 

Choosing Report List Fields - So you’ve just finished determining what you want to see. Now you determine how you want to see it. Depending on if you chose an Account or Contact list, your available and selected fields will vary. Matrix gives you the ability to put together a list from basic address information to more complete lists with Account attributes like Outlets purchased, salespeople handling the accounts, and even tags and social media information attributed to each Account/Contact.

1.  Available Fields - If you can place it onto your custom list, then you’ll find it here. In order to add more fields to the Selected Fields you simply select the field(s) (either by single, Shift, or Control-clicking them) and then use the right arrow.
2.  Move Left/Right– Once you have your items selected in the Available fields, click the arrow pointing to the right in order to move them to the Selected Fields. Just the opposite, if you no longer want a field in the Selected Fields, select them and then click the arrow pointing to the left in order to move them to the Available fields.
3.  Selected Fields - Everything in this section will display on your custom list, in the order that they are listed. If you need to remove a field, simply select the field(s) (either by single, Shift, or Control-clicking them) and then use the left arrow.
4.  Move Up/Down - The items in the Selected Fields will display on your custom list in the order that they appear. You can quickly move items up or down in the list by highlighting them (via single, Shift or Control-clicking them) and then clicking the Up and Down arrows.

Step 4: 

Review and Save– Now that you’ve determined What you want to see and How you want to see it, you can give it a unique name and description so that you can easily locate and run the list in the future. Optionally you can also go back to Step 2 or Step 3 if you want to make additional changes. When you're ready click Save.

You’re done building your list! Once Matrix has saved the changes to your list, you have two options. You can go to the List Builder (where we started) and build/run another list or you can view the results of the list that we just built.

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