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Monarch - What is a Projection - Customized Workflow

Are you a (national) manager or a salesperson looking to call the market and to estimate where a quarter will close across your Outlets, Offices, Agencies, and Accounts? We call this a Projection, and we have made it an easy entry experience for those interested in the process. Think of it as a value that sits ahead of individual deals and pending dollars, but a little behind your budget in terms of the process.

  • How is a Projection different from a Forecast or a Deal? The Projection lets you sit on top of the many deals that could make up a forecast. For instance, it does not care that you have 3 deals every quarter for 20th Century Fox. Projections simply allows you to plan how much you think you can get from 20th Century Fox for the quarter based upon Market Budget and Share information. Whereas a Deal is very granular in the specific months so that it can be reconciled against the billing information.
  • Why is this useful to me? Specifically, this gives people that may not do traditional, granular deals a voice into their plan for a quarter. Thinking of a National Seller that may have multiple deals covering a single month by product type. Ex: The Big Mac ad and the new Happy Meal toy theme. Both are from McDonalds but are often separate ads with separate orders. This allows the National seller to plan for McDonalds as a whole and allow the negotiations to happen through an integration with a proposal system which updates your Pending and Forecast in Monarch.

If you do not have Projections enabled in your version of Monarch and think the above might be a workflow that may benefit your teams, please reach out to your Matrix Success Manager so we can discuss more about your workflow and if projections may work for you.

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