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Monarch - Add a New Projections Row Manually - Custom Workflow

Sometimes you’ll find that you need to add a new row that doesn’t exist for you on screen. This often happens when a new Outlet is acquired / sold to, a buy is coming from a new Office, or you know ahead of time that an Advertiser is switching Agencies. There are likely more scenarios, but those are a few common to help explain the need.

  • The Add a Row button exists at the bottom of the Projections entry page and is always in view

  • Clicking it will require you to fill out the Outlet, Office, Salesperson, Account, and Agency that you wish to put a Projection, Market, and Share value against just like any other row that you may have already worked with.
  •  Once saved, the row will be created and displayed at the bottom of the screen with a “NEW” icon next to it. This indicates any rows that were manually created by a person and were not automatically generated by the system.
    1. This row is ONLY created for the quarter in view. If the same row is desired for a future (or past) quarter then it must be created separately.
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