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Monarch - Basic Navigation - Account Executive

Welcome To Monarch

Monarch by Matrix is your Media Ad Sales Platform and will be a valuable resource as you look to achieve focus and clarity as you navigate through your day-to-day.

As you proceed through the available training modules you'll come to learn that Matrix offers visibility and actionable analytics to you in the form of:

  • Account List Management
  • Forecasting & Reporting
  • CRM

Each of these items and the features associated with them will be discussed in detail to help ensure you are comfortable and confident while utilizing Matrix, and getting the most out of our system.

So let's get started!

Basic Navigation

Monarch aims to provide you with easy visibility to access your information important, so we provide simple ways to move through the application and allow you to customize your experience.

Step 1 - Logging in

Matrix is a Web Based tool, so you can log in using your preferred browser, and any internet connection. (Make sure your browser is up to date, so you don't miss out on any functionality)

Simply use your organization's Matrix URL (typically,, or use your standard corporate Single Sign on Process.

Step 2 - Home Page

Once you're logged in you have a customizable Home Page that you can fill with the information that's most meaningful to you.

 Next, set up or update your Data Cards:

1. These are your Data Cards (you'll see them throughout Monarch):

2. Each card is designed to bring you headline information, and allow you to dig further into the data by clicking on the Data Card. This will allow you to either look at the Source Data or an Expanded View, like what you see here when clicking the expanded view of the My Total Forecast card (Pending Deals By Category):

Here's an example of the expanded view of your pending deals data card:

3.  To change a Data Card click the X at the upper right of the card. Then click on the Data Card to see a menu of the available options:

Step 3 - Navigating Matrix

Moving through Monarch is easy and intuitive, and these simple components will help make sure you get to what you're looking for.

First, the Navigation Panel will take you to your main dashboards and Lists regardless of where you are in the application.

1. The top portion of the panel will take you to specific dashboards.

2.  The Lists will take you to full listings of the item you select, and as an AE, you'll see the Accounts/Activities/Etc assigned to you.

3.  The bottom of your Navigation Panel will provide you with the ability to receive Help, as well an opportunity to provide Feedback.     

Next, the search bar will jump you to the profile page for any Account, Agency, or Contact from the top bar on your screen.

If you need to add something new, use the + Add button in the top bar to create new Contacts, Accounts, Activities, Agencies or Deals.

Clicking your name in the top right of your screen allows you to view your profile, and log out of the system.

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