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Monarch - How to Delete Activities

There are two types of Activities in Monarch, Incomplete and Complete. Please see the below steps to delete each type.

To delete an Incomplete Activity

1. Navigate to Activities in the menu bar.

2. Select the Incomplete tab, then Click the menu icon at the right of the Activity, select Delete.

To delete a Complete Activity

Monarch only allows you to delete an Incomplete Activity. Therefore, if you would like delete a Complete Activity, you will need to change its status to Incomplete. Please follow the below steps to learn how to do this.

1. Please navigate to Activities in the menu bar.

2. Click the Complete tab

3. Click the activity link that you want to Delete. Once the Activity profile displays, update the status from Complete to Incomplete. The Activity is now shows as Incomplete. Then just follow the steps above on how to delete an Incomplete Activity.

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