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Monarch - Working with Activity List

Viewing a list of activities that are either Incomplete or Complete is easy by clicking on Activities from the Lists options within the Navigation Panel on the left side of the screen. 

View Incomplete Activities

By default, Incomplete activities are sorted by Due Date. If necessary, you can re-sort the data by clicking a column header from one of the other columns  

Note: Selecting a sorted column multiple times alternates the data between ascending and descending order

View Completed Activities

By default, the list of activities will display Incomplete activities. Click the Complete button to view a list of completed activities.

Edit/View/Download an Activity

  • Click the subject of the activity that you wish to edit
  • While editing an Activity, click the checkbox for Download iCal to save the Activity to your Outlook, Google, or Mac Calendar

Delete/Complete an Activity

  • Delete - Click the menu icon at the end of the activity, then select delete
  • To complete the activity, click the menu icon at the end of an incomplete activity row, then select Complete. You can also edit the Activity and change the Status to Complete.

Note:  Any activity that has an email icon next to the Subject, indicates that it was created by sending an email to Matrix via "bcc" Matrix Activity. You can view the contents by clicking on the icon, and selecting View Email.

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