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Monarch - Working with Activities - Manager Access

Activities allow your Account Executives to keep track of customer interactions and task management utilizing activities. As they adopt the use of activities for this purpose, it will also provide you with valuable coaching data as you see what it takes to move forward with a client.

Step 1 - Create an Activity

Click on the +Add button on the top left and select Activity.

Step 2 - Select the appropriate affiliations

As a manager, you'll see the option to Assign the activity to an Account Executive (so you are welcome to use this feature to assign tasks to your team), but Account Executives will be able to select the contact(s), account, agency, and/or deal that this activity is associated with.

You can then categorize the activity by selecting the customized activity type, providing a subject, and selecting the date/time accordingly.

From there, add any pertinent notes, update the status to complete if this task is finished, and save the activity.

The activity will then show as a to-do task, or as history, within all of the profile pages that it has affiliations with. This feature will offer a great opportunity for you to see what your team is working on, and can offer accurate reporting.

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