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Monarch - Automatically Fill Out Budget

1. Please navigate to Lists > Budgets. Under the budget column, please click on the budget year and type that you would like to access.   

  • In the upper right-hand corner, there is a year selector. So you have the option to choose the year of the Budget Template that you are working on. By default, it will be on the current year and is a sticky option.

2.  After selecting your Budget, you will be taken directly to the Budget's Entry Screen. 

3. Before automatically filling out your budget, you have the option to filter your template so that the autofill will only be applied to the lines that have been filtered for. After selecting the filters make sure to select the Apply Filters button to ensure that the filters selected are applied to the template before starting the Auto Fill.

Automatically Fill Out Budget  

The Automatically Fill Out Budget function allows the managers to fill out the Budget numbers based on the last years' Forecast.

WARNING – Selecting Automatically Fill Out Budget OVERWRITES existing data that has been entered by you or your colleagues with the same group access. 

After you click on Automatically Fill out Budget, you will see the below screen shot. 

Once you select the forecast year, you will see the below screen shot. On this screen you can enter the percentage that you would like your budget numbers to increase by.  Then click Fill out Budget.

Note: Please enter the percentage number into the Baseline increase text box on the top if you would like to apply the same percentage into budget template OR enter the percentage number into the increase by text box next to each month if you would like to apply the different percentage number for each month.

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