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Monarch - Importing and Exporting the Budget

If you're allowed to update budget numbers, then you have access to the new "Export for offline edit" option from the menu on the right side of the budgeting landing page.

To Export the Budget for offline editing

  1. Click on Budgets from the navigation panel
  2. Click the menu icon to the right of the template you want to export
  3. Select Export for offline edit

While the document is downloading, you'll see an animated processing icon like this:

You are free to do other things while the download processes. For example, I can navigate to the Reports page and the download will continue the request in the background.

Note: While the actual download time is as fast as your internet allows for, the more records that you have access to, the longer it will take for the offline budget file to process before it begins the actual downloading. For example, if I only have access to 3,000 rows it may take a few seconds to process and download. If I have access to over 500,000 rows then it may take a few minutes or longer for the offline budget file to finish processing before an actual download appears.

After exporting the template, you can make any necessary adjustments to enter your budget values to the Excel file. 

Editing the offline Budget Excel Document

When editing the Excel Document offline please keep in mind:

  • You cannot delete or add a row in the XLS file
  • You cannot delete or add a column in the XLS file
  • You cannot rename the budgetables (ex: Outlet, Office, Account, etc)
  • You can ONLY edit the dollar amounts
    1. Matrix will ONLY read numerical values and their formats on import. Ex: "5000", "5,000", "5,000.12" are valid. Entering a value like "FDS" will strip away the non-numerical characters on import, leaving $0 to be imported for that field. Entering a value like "$5000" or "5FDS000" will strip the currency and non-numeric characters on import and display as "5000" once imported.
    2. Each cell is processed individually so an error in one cell will not preclude the entire row or file from being imported.

To Import the Budget

After completing the necessary edits to the Budget, you can import the same Excel file with your saved changes back into Monarch. 

  1. Click on Budgets from the navigation panel
  2. Click on the menu icon to the right of the template that you want to 
  3. Select Import Budget
  4. Choose the Excel File you want to Import
  5. Select Save

While uploading and processing changes are taking place, you'll see a different icon like this that when hovered over says "Budget import in progress". If you recently imported a budget template, do not navigate away from the budget landing page until you see this icon or your import will be terminated.

It is advised that while this icon is visible you do not make manual changes or attempt to upload another file to that specific budget. This is because your changes will be overwritten by the importing amounts. The audit log will be able to sort it out, but you'll probably want to save an unnecessary headache in figuring out which change won by waiting until the icon is gone, indicating the import is no longer in progress.

Keep in mind that during the time between your download and upload, you will overwrite other users' changesYou will want to communicate and coordinate with your team while you are exporting and importing. For example, let's have a scenario where you are updating the budget offline for the Local office. You downloaded your file and began making updates. Then the National Sales Manager downloaded the file and began making updates at approximately the same time. You upload your results first. When the National Sales Manager uploads their results, they may replace some of your results with $0 records.



  1. So what happens when I import my values and another manager imports their values which contain $0 amounts for everything that I already updated?
    • The values are imported as they are on the file so the values you that previously entered will be updated to $0 with the latest import.
  2. Can I do other things while my import is happening? 
    • Yes and no. While the import menu has a loading icon on it, you should NOT navigate away from the budgets page or close your browser.
    • However, if you do not see this icon, that means your import is currently processing and you should see the "Budget Import in Progress" icon instead which means you are free to navigate elsewhere or close your browser.
  3. What happens if I upload my file into the wrong budget?
    • You must upload your file back into the same template that it came from or you will receive an error in the top right of the screen and your file will not be imported.
  4. I do not see the option for “Export for offline edit”
    • The budget cannot be exported for offline edit until at least one value has been entered manually within Monarch, thus locking in the configuration. Once added, you will see this option on the menu.
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