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Monarch - Budget at Market Level (Customized Workflow)

You are now able to create your own Custom Budget Templates in order to Budget at Market Level. To access your budget templates navigate to the Budget Tab in the side menu.

Budget Page Overview:

  1. Top-Down or Bottom-Up: These arrows indicate if the Budget Template is a Top Down or Bottom Up Budget.
  2. Allow Salespeople to Edit: If you see the green people icon, this means that your Salespeople are allowed to go in and edit their Budgets. If this icon is not there, your Salespeople are not able to edit their Budgets.  
  3. Name: The name of the budget template.
  4. Description: The description or any notes about the budget template.
  5. Amount: The total budget amount.
  6. Year: The year that the template is budgeting for.
  7. Budget By: Displays what options are selected to budget by in the budget template. 
  8. Team(s): This alerts you of how many teams are included in the budget template. If you click on the link, it will show you what teams are included in the Budget Template.
  9. Budget Options: By selecting the menu icon, it will give you the option to Export, Lock/Unlock, View Budget Change Logs, View/Add Budget Exclusions, or Delete the Budget template.  
  10. Add New Template: Allows you to create and add a new Budget Template

Add New Template

After selecting Add New Template, you will be prompted to fill out the following fields:

  • Budget Template Name - We suggest including the Year and Market name in the Budget's Name.
  • Description - Include a helpful description so you know what is included in the template. This is optional.
  • Budget Type - Select if this is a Bottom Up or Top Down budget from the dropdown menu. Please note that Account Executives are able to see Bottom Up Budgets, they are not able to see Top Down Budgets. 
  • Budget Year - Select the year you want to budget for.
  • For Team - Select the Teams that will be included in the budget template. Note: This is based on your user profile and what teams you are on. 
  • Budget By - Check all the attributes that you want to budget by. Note that these selections will determine the filters in your template. 
  • Allow salesperson to edit their budget - By selecting this checkbox, you will grant the Account Executives access to enter and edit their budgets themselves. 

Note: Once created a budget template criteria cannot be edited. After the template is created, you are able to delete the template create a new one if you'd like to make changes before entering budget values. 

Fill Out Budget

To begin filling out the budget start by clicking on the Name of the Budget you'd like to edit. You will then be directed to the budget template as pictured below.

  1. Automatically Fill Out Budget The Automatically Fill Out Budget function allows the managers to fill out the Budget numbers based on the last years' Forecast. WARNING – Selecting Automatically Fill Out Budget OVERWRITES existing data that has been entered by you or your colleagues with the same group access.
  2. Filters - You can use the filters on the top of the page to filter down to specific attributes (Outlets, Offices, Salespeople, etc.). These filters are determined by the Budget by options chosen when creating the budget template. You also now have the ability to sort the Budget Rows by a specific attribute. You can change these filters at any point while you are entering or editing the Budget. Note: After making filter selections, make sure to click the Apply Filters button to apply your filters to the template. 
  3. Budget Cells -  If you click on one of the cells to enter or edit the budget number, Matrix will display the next, current, and last years' booked numbers under the line that you are about to enter the budget number. Budget numbers are saved as soon as you press Tab on your keyboard or when you go to the next field or cell. 
  4. Copy/Split - Select the menu icon to the right of the budget line in order to copy a budget value across multiple months or to split a budget total equally amongst the months. 
  5. Add Budget Item or New Business - When selecting this option you will be displayed the below screen. Fill out the desired fields. Select Save and add more items or Save and Finish to add the new Item or Business to the Budget Template. 

Automatically Fill Out Budget

After you click on Automatically Fill out Budget, you will see the below screenshot. 

Once you select the forecast year, you will see the below screenshot. On this screen, you can enter the percentage that you would like your budget numbers to increase by.  Then click Fill out Budget.

Note: Please enter the percentage number into the Baseline increase text box on the top if you would like to apply the same percentage into budget template OR enter the percentage number into the increase by text box next to each month if you would like to apply the different percentage number for each month.

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