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Account Merge Requests - Best Practices

Frequently there arrives a need to have accounts with similar names to be merged into one distinct entity. If you need to have two account names merged and do not have Localized Account Maintenance and need the support of the Matrix VSA team, please follow the below steps to help in expediting your request, by utilizing the export function from the Accounts list.

  1. From the Lists option in the Menu Bar, select Accounts.
  2. Click on the Export button to export the list to Excel.
  3. Once exported, open the file in Excel and highlight which Accounts you would like to have merged.
  4. Save this file in the .xls format.
  5. Email the Excel file with your Account merge requests to Matrix Support via SUPPORT menu option located on the Matrix menu bar.

Once received, having the Account list as well as any other information you provide allows for the Matrix Support team to more quickly and more accurately process your request.

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