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How Can I Confirm My Billing with Traffic?

Billing totals are a key part of Matrix and often when reviewing the data there may be some discrepancies in what someone may see in Traffic and what someone may see in Matrix. A few of the more common reasons are they are not sure what revenue calendar is being used on the Traffic side, as well as, what potential exclusions Matrix may have on the data that is imported. To start to confirm the billing totals, begin with the following steps:

STEP I:  Confirm that the Billing Calendar you are viewing in Traffic matches that of what is in Matrix.

- Is the information that is being viewed in Matrix, Calendar or Broadcast months, and Net or Gross dollars?
- Is the information that is being viewed on the Traffic side, Calendar or Broadcast months, and Net or Gross dollars?

Often it is an issue of comparing two different calendar types or Net versus Gross numbers that may cause an issue in reconciling data.

STEP II:  If after ensuring that the comparison is correct for the type of calendar and billing, the next step is to run a Multi-Year Sales History Report within Matrix, and a "Revenue" report within Traffic; where both are NOT filtered, and both are GROUPED BY Office, and Outlet. This will allow for a comparison of the billing totals with no filter.

- Review to see if the monthly or annual values match
- If they are close, it is possible that there is an exclusion of revenue that is not imported into Matrix, and you will want to move to Step III.

STEP III:  The next step is to run the Multi-Year Sales History Report again, this time with the hierarchy of Revenue Type, and then Outlet. Running by Revenue Type within Matrix and in Traffic, will allow you to see if there is an exclusion causing a difference in the revenue.

At this point you should be able to see any noticeable differences by revenue type.  If not, it is time to contact the Matrix Solutions Help Desk.

Click HERE to view how to create Multi-Year Sales History Report

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