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Matrix In Your Work Day - Account Executives

Matrix is your resource for pending revenue, contact and activity management, prospect and lead management; providing a clear view of your book of business. Follow these practices to incorporate Matrix in your work day. 


1. In the Morning 

- Check your Alerts. Address anything in the Critical & Non-Critical before it reaches your manager.

- Review your Espresso Shot email to see what needs to be addressed today.

- Win or Zero out Remaining Pending on the Bird’s Eye View Recently Imported.

2. Throughout the day (at your desk or on the road with Mobile!)

- Complete the Activities you’ve scheduled for today. Update the Notes, change Status to Completed.

- Create a new activity for the next step.

- Add & update Deals as you have new info.

Add Lead/Prospect Accounts. Submit leads for approval.

- BCC Matrix Activity when emailing your customers.

- Add/Update Contacts.

3. At the end of the day

           - Review the Activity List.

   - Reschedule any incomplete overdue activities.

   - Address emails sent to Matrix showing as Incomplete. 

       ->On the activity add contact and account and change status to complete.

      ->Add or update the contact and account if necessary.



1. On the day your manager specifies update your forecast on the Bird’s Eye View.

2. On a day of your choosing review all of your open deals on the Deal List.

3. Be sure everything is up to date for your one on one.



1. Review your Account List for dead accounts and accounts without an open Deal. 

Underlined items in Red are features available in Matrix Premium. To turbo charge your work day have your manager contact

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