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Monarch - Deals Page Overview

The Deals Page provides an overview of your Deal Pipeline through the predefined Sales Stages. It also shows the Deals that are closing today, within the next few weeks, and even how your deals are displayed over a year. 


You can narrow down your Deal Pipeline with the available filters. Note: As a Manager, you will also have access to the below filters so you are able to view the Dashboard by Me (your own data) or Team ( all salespeople 's data).

And if you have a smaller screen / resolution the filters will wrap.

Data Cards

This page also offers three data cards:

  • My Average Time to Close Deals - This will tell you how many days on average do you have a deal open before they are closed.
  • Media Types on My Deals - Tells you how many deals are spread across your available media types. You can click on a particular media type to view the deals that fall within it. 
  • Deals Updated Within Last Week - Displays the number of deals that were updated in the last 7 days and the percentage of deals updated.  

Managing the Deal Pipeline

Each column represents a stage and will total the dollar amount of the Deals in that Stage. You can use the Deal Pipeline to view how your deals fall across your available sales states. You can use these stages as checkpoints to help the deals from selling out.

Deal Timeframe

This Displays the Timeframe of the Deal Pipeline that you are viewing. You are able to edit this by adjusting the timeframe and starting point in the Timeframe Filter. 

Weights and Sorting

If your station uses weights, you can select the circle to show the weighted values of the deal. You can also sort the way that you view your deals. 

Deal Data Cards

You are able to click and drag any of the deal data cards to move the deal through the sales process. 

You can click the Deal name to navigate to the Deals Profile Page and you can click the Account Name to navigate to the Account's Profile Page.

To ensure your Forecast is updated and accurate, you can review the deal's reconciliation. To do this select the i icon on the Deal data card. 

You can change a deal to Close Lose if your Deal has fallen through to make sure that your Forecast is not overinflated. You can also change your deal to close won, if dollars associated with the deal were brought over from traffic, but not reconciled automatically. This will remove the pending dollars.

Closing soon

This Tab will show you any deals that are anticipated to close in the next month. You can interact with these deals the same way you would with deals in the pipeline.

Grid View

This tab will show you all of the Accounts that have a Deal associated with it in a Grid View instead of the Data Card view. This also shows all of the Deals within your selected Time Frame, whether the Deal is Open or Closed. Each header above the column is sortabler.

NOTE- When in the Grid view the Salesperson or Manager can edit the Sales Stage or Status directly on the grid.


Simply click on the value to change it to another like many of our other interactive grids.  The grid will update immediately and reflect the change. A green growl will display also noting the change has been made. Do note that to change the Stage the deal must be in an Open state as this complies with our normal deal edits from the Deal Profile page. Also, if the stage that you move into has weights enforced he Weighted Amount will also be updated to reflect that new percentage.


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