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Monarch - How to Change Your Deal's Timeframe

When you want to enter in your pending dollars for more months than you are showing available on your deal, if less than 12, you can add months so that you have them available to enter your pending dollars in.  You can also remove months and set the number of months to show just the exact number of months that you need to enter your pending dollars in for.

To change the number of months available, you would set your Deal's Timeframe, which is located on the Deal's Details.

Access your Deal's Details, by clicking on the Deal's name - if your Deal is already created -> click on the white triangle under the word "Details".

Or, if you have just created a brand new Deal -> click on the white triangle under the word "Details".

Once you click on the triangle, the Details panel will expand down and you will see the details of Deal.  On the right-hand side, you will see the Timeframe, which includes the Month, Year and Duration.

Set the Timeframe to start in the "Month" you want to start entering your pending in for, the current "Year" and set the "Duration" to be the number of Months that you want to have available to enter pending in for.

Note:  If you are getting ready to enter in Pending for a "new" year but you are still in the "old' one (maybe you are in the month of November and you want to start entering Pending in for first quarter), when you create a new Deal your Timeframe will default to the current year.  If you change your Timeframe Month to January, make sure that you change the Year too.  If you do not, then you will be entering in pending for months that have already passed by.

Once you are done setting the Timeframe, you can click on the white triangle again to close up the Deal Details panel.

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