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Monarch - Manager Preview of Deals & Activities

A deal will be how your team enters and maintains their forecast, offering them a one-stop-shop for the information they need to know regarding any particular opportunity, and providing you with a window into the potential business that they are hoping to close.

As a manager, it's important to understand how your Account Executives will be entering data into Monarch, so this section will preview the basics of how your Account Executives will forecast opportunities and log activity. Account Executives will create and update their forecasts by utilizing deals.

Step 1 - Creating a Deal 

Via the global +Add button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen, you may add a new deal:

You will then be prompted to add a new Deal by selecting an Account and corresponding Salesperson (an Account Executive will always have their deals defaulted to themselves).

Step 2 - Forecast / Add Notes / Keep track of the Specifics

Once you save this information you will automatically be taken to the Deal Profile Page where you can create your forecast, and log the details associated with this opportunity.

The deal profile page will be accessible from multiple locations throughout the software, which will be discussed in detail as we dig further into forecasting in Monarch, but this page will provide a succinct rundown of what's going on regarding this particular opportunity.

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