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Monarch - Adding Deals / Pending

In Matrix, the Deal is your opportunity, or revenue target, with a buyer. Whether it’s a plan for an upcoming pitch, or a proposal nearing a signature, a Deal offers the ability to accurately update your pipeline with any business currently on the table.  

To Get Started: 

1) Click on the Add button at the top right of your screen.

2) Select Deal.

3) Begin typing the Account you wish to create the Deal for and select the name from the drop-down menu. Your name will not show up on the drop-down menu if it is a Lead Account. You can ONLY Add a Deal to either a Prospect or a Billing Account, NOT to a Lead Account.

4) Once you select the appropriate accounts click Save, and this will take you to the Deal Profile page.

The Deal Profile Page

The profile page for your Deals is a one-stop-shop for you to update your forecast for a particular Account, and track all of the various ins-and-outs of this opportunity.

The Deal Name is auto-filled with the Account name followed by Deal, but this can be changed by clicking the pencil icon and typing the name of your choosing.

The option to Clone the Deal, the Due Date, Sales Stage, and Deal Status can all be edited from the top bar of the Profile Page as well.

Clone Deal - The Clone Icon allows you to cone your deal. Clicking on this icon will copy over the following into a new pending deal: Office, Sales Stage, Weight, Net Amount Status and Percentage, Account/Agency, Contact, Category, and Salesperson. 

Office - Click directly on the office in order to select the Office that the Deal should be placed on.

Due Date - When do you expect the Deal to close?  Matrix will default to thirty days from the date of entry, but you can manually change the date as needed.  

Sales Stage - What stage of the sales process is this deal in?  Most likely your sales stages have been customized to reflect your group's sales process. 

Deal Status: 

Open Proposed - Your soft pending.  These dollars will not display in the forecasting reports/pods.

Open Pending - Your hard pending, to be used when you are committed to adding dollars to the forecast

Closed Lost - Update the status of Deals that are lost to CLOSED-LOST, and enter the reason and comments so you can reference this information in the future

Close Won - If Matrix did not automatically reconcile a “won” deal, update the status to CLOSED-WON to clear out your pending after your booked dollars have been imported.


Click the down arrow to expand your details and you'll get more information regarding your Deal, such as the agency, contract, category association, or setting the time frame.  

Weight - What is your confidence level in this Deal closing.  Click on the weight and use the slide rule to select your desired percentage, or this may be pre-selected based on your Sales Stage. 

Agency/Contact/Category - If your Account has previous history these may already be filled out, but this will allow you to ensure your Deal is associated appropriately 

Time frame - What is the run time of this particular opportunity.  Select the start month and duration of the Deal your pitching, or forecast your entering.

Entering the Dollars: 

This is where you'll be able to plug in the expected revenue that you hope to close with this Deal.

If you've already set up your Deal Preferences within your profile you'll have some lines available to put dollars against.

If you need to create a row or add more, simply click Add Row in the bottom left of this pod. 

Select the Outlet and Revenue Type that is being pitched to the client and input dollars in the appropriate months.  

You also have several Short Cuts available for each row by clicking the menu icon on the right of the row.

Copy - Select the pending amount to propagate across all months for the desired outlet.  Don't forget to click Save. 

Split - Type in the total Deal amount for the desired time frame and have Matrix calculate the split across the selected months. 

Delete - Delete the entire row

Revenue Comparison

Look back at the historical years and months and establish trends to help you determine how the account might spend in the future.  

This will either provide an apple to apples comparison of what they spent previously vs what you are forecasting on, or you can select Show Full Billing History, and that will display their spending regardless of what you are forecasting on.


You also have full visibility into any activities affiliated with this Deal in the Activities Pod.

Toggle between Incomplete and Completed Activities, hover over to view your activity notes, and use the menu options to complete/delete the activity. This is a great tool to ensure you're staying on task with your to-do items for this opportunity.


General notes that you'd like to make regarding the Deal can be entered at the bottom of Deal profile page within this pod:

Use the menu options to edit/delete any notes.

These notes will also push to your Forecast Report when requested.

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