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Monarch - Auto Reconciliation - Explained

Did you know that Matrix will automatically reconcile your Deals for you?

What does this mean?

This means that Matrix will automatically close-win Deals for you when it recognizes matching dollars from your daily traffic system imports! 

If the imported amount is equal to or more than the Deal, then the pending dollars are zeroed out and the Deal is closed (as a won deal). From that point forward, Matrix will only report on the booked amount.

If the dollars don't match, i.e. if the amount is less than the Deal, Matrix will deduct the amount and leave the remainder in pending until the start of the next month when all historical pending amounts will be removed. 

NOTE: Regarding the historical pending amounts being removed, this occurs on the 2nd of every month with an import of your Traffic Files. If the 2nd falls on a weekend and you do not send the Traffic Files over the weekend, monthly reconciliation will occur with Monday’s import.

The bottom line - This means that you do not have to manually close-win all of your Deals! (Unless, for some reason, you need to).

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