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Monarch - Cloning Deals

It is now easy to clone a deal from a currently created deal. There is now a new icon on the Deal Profile page that will allow you to clone the details from that current deal to create a whole new deal. When clicking on a Deal name to load the Deal Profile page, there is a new icon that is next to the Office name in the Deal Profile Header. You will see an icon like the below that will allow you to clone the deal:

Clicking on the icon will copy over the following information into a new pending deal:

  • Office
  • Sales Stage
  • Weighted Percentage
  • Weight
  • Status
  • Account
  • Agency
  • Category
  • Salesperson
  • Deal Details or Rows on the Deal

Note: Dollars, Notes, and Activities are never cloned. A closed deal can be cloned.

Once you start to clone a deal, a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to:

  1. Choose a new deal name. The cloned deal will default to the original deal's name
  2. Choose a new time frame for the deal. The cloned deal will default to the original deal's time frame.
  3. Allow you to go to the newly cloned deal after clicking save. If you want to enter in the dollar values of the cloned deal, it would be recommended to go to the deal after saving to add in dollars.

Once on the new deal profile, you can start to enter the dollars. 

The Pending Dollars area is where you'll be able to plug in the expected revenue that you hope to close with this Deal. 

Select the Outlet and Revenue Type that is being pitched to the client and input dollars in the appropriate months.  

You also have several shortcuts available for each row by clicking the menu icon on the right of the row.

Copy - Select the pending amount to propagate across all months for the desired outlet.  Don't forget to click Save. 

Split - Type in the total Deal amount for the desired time frame and have Matrix calculate the split across the selected months. 

Delete - Delete the entire row

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