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Monarch - Quick Deal - How to Add or Edit

You can add a Quick Deal to any Account listed in your Sales Outlook Data Card. This Quick Deal functionality will only exist while viewing the Sales Outlook by Account or Agency. This feature makes it convenient to add a deal and to adjust your Forecast.

To begin adding a Quick Deal, access the Sales Outlook Data Card on the Home screen. You will then see the dollar sign icons in front of your accounts. 

If there is pending for the timeframe in view, the dollar sign icon will be green:

If there is no pending for the timeframe in view, the dollar sign icon will be gray:

Do a "Left" click on  the gray dollar sign icon to launch the Deal Quick Add window, which will allow you to create a new deal for the account.

  • The Outlets and Revenue Types by default will populate based upon your deal preferences in My Profile.
  • The Due Date will be set 1 month ahead 
  • The first Sales Stage will be selected.
  • The Deal Status will be set to Open-Pending.

Quick Deal Edits

Once a deal/pending dollars are added to your account, you can "left" click on the green dollar sign icon to show you all of the deals that make up the pending value and for what amount. You can also click $ Add Deal from this list to add a new Quick Deal:

You can  do a quick edit by clicking on the pencil icon:

This will utilize the Quick Deal experience and will allow you to edit the common fields of a deal quickly. This will not pull all the deal's fields for you. You can click on the View Full Profile button in the Deal Quick Edit window to save all your current changes and be directed to the Deal Details Page. 

If the pending dollars are changed on the Deal via a Quick Deal and saved, then the Pending column's value will update immediately after a short, automatic refresh to the Sales Outlook.

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