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Monarch - Sales Outlook Data Card

Sales Outlook provides you with a summary of sales activity. This enables you to see an overview of how you, or if you’re a manager your team, is performing.

You may need to add this Data Card to your Home Page. To do this, click on a blank Data Card then select Sales Outlook: 

After the data card is set up, to access this data card select Home from your navigation panel then click on the Sales Outlook data card:

When clicking on the data card, an expanded dashboard view populates.


Navigating the Sales Outlook

While viewing Sales Outlook, you can collapse it at any time by selecting the  button located on the top left of the data card. This will bring you back to your Home Page to view your other data cards.

If you would like Sales Outlook to open by default when selecting Home from the navigation panel, you can click the heart icon located in the top right corner of the data card, . If this is set as your favorite, the icon will be shaded red .


Time Controls & Filtering

Utilize the timeframe controls, located in the header of the data card, to see past, present, or future data. You can select Month, Quarter, or Year and then use the toggle buttons to control the timeframe you’re viewing. 

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The filters on the top right of the data card allow you to view your information by Category, Office, Outlet, Rev Type, or Salespeople. Note: These filters will be slightly different for Account Executives and Managers.

You can use the set of filters on the top left of this data card to filter the data that is returned in the Sales Outlook Pod below.


Viewing Sales Activity

Below the Filtering and Timeframe controls is the Sales Outlook Pod. This provides:

  • The ability to view your Booked Revenue with Last Year (LY) vs This Year (TY) comparisons. 
  • A breakdown of your Pending (your projected revenue) and Forecast (pending + booked revenue).
  • Easy visibility to your Budget numbers (revenue goals).
  • All of which can be viewed by the Outlets, Offices, and Accounts that you sell into. 

At the bottom of the Sales Outlook Pod is a row for totals that allow you to review overall performance for the timeframe selected. 

Viewing Sales Activity as a Manager

As a manager, you can select Salesperson to review sales activity by individual Account Executives. If you'd like to take a closer look at a specific Salesperson's Accounts you can click directly on the name of that seller:

Clicking on the name a specific seller will take you to their Sales Outlook. Here you will notice that you now have the option to view this seller's sales information by Account in your filters:

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