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Monarch - Projects Module Overview - Manager

Go to homepage, in the left-hand menu, click on Projects.

  • If you are a Manager, you will see all the projects that you have created.
  • For every project, the project name, the goal amount ($) that was set for the project, how much $ sold & $ pitched stake against the goal amount is listed. 
  • You can filter the projects by year & market. You can also filter by current & past projects by run dates.  
  • You can also download the filtered project lists by clicking on “download” icon.

Graph Section: In this section you can interpret the data by three themes: (For each Year)

  • How projects fare in terms of meeting the goals.
  • Which of the accounts are highest spenders.
  • Which of the projects are most profitable and least profitable.

To create a new project, click on button near next to Projects You will be asked to enter the details of project. You can enter the details in the following 4 tabs. 

Project Information 

  • Name: Name of the project.
  • Expected Attendance: How many people are coming to visit the event.
  • Run Dates: What is the start date / end date of the project.
  • Outlet Revenue Goal: Sum of the revenue from all the individual outlets. It will auto-populate as you set the goal in the “Participating Outlets” tab.
  • Then enter the Office and Revenue Type information, then Save.

Participating Outlets

  • Choose the individual outlets. (You can assign goals for them)

Available Inventory

  • Name: Name of the inventory associated with the project. (Example, Banners; Balloons etc.)
  • Inventory Spots: How much inventory is available for selling.
  • Recommended Price: Price for the inventory.

On the Projects profile page you can click any of the individual project links in the Projects List and you will be taken to individual project profile. 

There are 5 tabs: Accounts, Location, Activities, Changelog, Matrix Locker.


Any Account Executive or Manager can add an account to the project by clicking on + Add an Account button at the bottom of the page.
Once the account is created, you can change the pitched/sold $ by clicking on the account information line. 

To indicate how much inventory is being negotiated, click on the list icon in Add a Pitched/Sold/Declined $ for a project and express it. (Indicating how much inventory has been sold/pitched)

The summary of all the accounts that are added to the project are listed in the Accounts tab. You can also view how much $ have been pitched and sold and how much $ has been declined by the account

Location: To see the project location information here.

Activities: Click on this tab to see the Account Executive activities associated with this project.

Changelog: To see the changelog (different interactions by salesperson with regards to the project) here. 

Matrix Locker: To store the matrix locker information. 

Inventory Information: For that project, how much inventory is left, sold, pitched. You can get more granular details by clicking on “expansion” icon in inventory info graph as shown below.
Goal Analysis: For that project, what is the goal amount set, & how much has been sold/pitched.
Top 5 salesperson: Who are the top 5 salesperson for this project.

Expansion View - Click the collapse icon to go back to previous view

Finally, all the projects $ sold amount and $ pitched amount (if turned on in options), are used in the following reports: Budget Report Pacing Report, Forecast Report and Forecast Change Report.  





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