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Monarch - Sales Productivity Data Card - Average Monthly Deal

This is the average monthly deal per unique account that the salesperson has.

Let’s take a data set like this for a single salesperson. This user has $784,051 pending over the next 12 months (Jan – Dec 2022).  This comes from 8 unique accounts. The formula to calculate the average monthly deal per account is (($784051 pending / 8 unique accounts)/12 months) = $8167.20

When you click on the $8167.20 you will see a chart. This chart is designed to show you the average monthly deal in any given month. As is the law of averages, some will be high/low outliers (like Jan – Apr), some will be closer to the average (like May – Dec).

Each month is calculated as the total pending for each month divided by the number of unique accounts that form that pending. For example if you click February, it will show a list of Deals and Accounts for February. The Formula is (Feb. total pending / 6 unique accounts) = $X average monthly deal value in February.

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