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Monarch - Sales Productivity Data Card - Annualized/Average Monthly Spend/Pending

Sales managers look at multiple metrics to determine growth. Annualized and Average is a high contested metric that boils down to if you include $0 months or not (we’ll define this in a moment). It was split just about 50/50 on what sales managers used so we decided to build both and make them all optional for your Sales Productivity card.

What is Annualized vs Average?

Annualized values are those that include all 12 months in a calculation, including the $0 amounts. Averages will exclude those $0 and only include where the value > $0 for the same 12-month period.  

Let’s imagine today is March 21 and that you have booked the following values over the last 12 months for the Account of Aspen Dental.



Apr 2021


May 2021


Jun 2021


Jul 2021


Aug 2021


Sep 2021


Oct 2021


Nov 2021


Dec 2021


Jan 2022


Feb 2022


Mar 2022


The Annualized Monthly amount is $4,425.67 (sum the values to $53,108 and then divide by 12 months)

The Average Monthly amount is $5,900.89 (sum the values to $53,108 and then divide by 9 since 9 months have values > $0)

Note that this document will discuss Booked amounts but the Pending is calculated the same way. The only different between the two, other than Booked vs Pending amounts, is the time frame being calculated. Booked is always current month – 11. Pending is always current month + 11.

On the Sales Productivity Card

When viewing the Sales Productivity card you will see up to 4 new columns for each Salesperson depending on what was enabled by the admin. 

Each of these values appears in blue and allows you to click through to view details of the Accounts.

Clicking Through on an Amount

Here we have clicked through on the Annualized Account Spend for a salesperson and included a snippet of account rows. 

We display the Current month and 11 previous months. The Chart is telling you, for example when this is hovered over, in August this salesperson’s Annualized value was $4,605 per account and their 12 month annualized monthly per account is only $3,417. 

Next we clicked through on the Average Account Spend for the same salesperson and included a snippet of their account rows.

We display the Current month and 11 previous months. The chart this time is telling you, for example, when this is hovered over, in August was $11,081 while the value of an average account over the entire 12 month period was $41,000.

The same logic is applied to clicking through on the Pending amounts, except their time frame shifts to the current month + 11 for a future view at pending dollars.

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