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Monarch - Custom Markets - Admin Access

Custom Markets

Some customers have much more granular markets than what our Nielsen standards can provide. Some are not even in the United States and require developer assistance to accommodate. In either case, our Custom Markets aims to solve these problems by allowing admins to intermix user created, custom markets with existing standard markets (if you desire) for a more holistic reporting experience.

Market Maintenance List

As an admin, navigate to the newly created Market Maintenance List. Perform a blank search by clicking Search without any criteria to view the entire list of Markets.

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You will notice 3 different types of values can appear.

  •  Indicates a group. These cannot be renamed or deleted as they are standard across all customers. Selecting a Group will allow you to ungroup any user created values.
  •  Indicates a user created value. Once selected, these can be renamed, grouped, and have a State/Province applied to each value within the Display, Grouping, and Standards tabs. Selecting a user created value allows you to delete it via the Delete button at the bottom of the page.
  •  Indicates a standard value. These cannot be renamed, deleted, regrouped, or changed in any way. They are not selectable.

If you do not see the green arrow values, you may not have created any user created values yet. You can do this by clicking on the “+” button at the top of the page and providing the necessary naming and grouping information before clicking save. You will need to refresh the list in order to see your changes. 

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Description automatically generatedStandards Tab for User Created Values

You have the ability to set the State or Province from predefined list for each user created value. These are not currently used within Monarch, but may be used in future reporting needs.


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Description automatically generatedAssigning User Created Markets to Outlets

There is no difference in assigning a user created market vs a standard market to an Outlet. From the Outlets maintenance list, select 1 or more Outlets that you wish to apply the user created market to.

Next select the Standards tab and search for the user created market that you wish to apply to the Outlet(s). Once it appears select it and click Save. You’ve now set the user created market to selected the Outlet(s) and these Markets will now appear in reports for filtering and hierarchies.

As long as one Outlet contains a market it will display in the filters and hierarchies. In the example here, if I no longer wanted to see “Cleveland-Akron (Canton), OH” then I would need to remove it from all Outlets so that only Akron remains.

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