Matrix for Media

Getting Started With Matrix - Quick Start for Account Executives

Set it up

Check your Data

Enter your Info

  • Understand Forecasting via Deals in Matrix. You might call these Opportunities or Potentials.
    • Enter Deals you’re working on via the Quick Deal , or for more detail, the Full Deal
    • Ideally every account has a future revenue opportunity you are working towards.
  • Create a plan for your accounts using Activities. These can be your to do items or strategic steps to move an account through the sales process. If the activity is connected to a Deal be sure to include the deal name on the activity.

Take Action

You’re ready to go.

  • Check your Espresso Shot each morning to know what you’ve got to do.
  • Manage Activities and deals.  
  • Archive Important Emails with Matrix  
  • For a more detailed guide to using Matrix during your day, check out Matrix in Your Workday for AEs.

Want More?

We’ve got more. Reports, Alerts, Tags , List Builder, and Sales Intelligence can make your life easier. Check them out too. Talk to your manager and co-works about what they are using.

Keep at it. Changing habits is hard but not impossible.

You got this.

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